Brave New World – Aldous Huxley



Google “Good Science Fiction Books” and Brave New World is sure to pop onto your screen at some point.

The classic dystopian novel (first published 1932), is renowned as one of the first to touch on topics such as genetic cloning in humans, technological sleep-learning – or  hypnopædia – and a society which has been brainwashed by the government to partake in mass consumerism.

First Published Cover

First Published Cover

Personally, these topics have always fascinated me, and so I finally got around to reading the book (thank God). Any sci-fi junkie such as myself will be hooked from the first few pages, where the novel goes straight into a scene set in one of the human mass-production laboratory thingys, where humans are produced in a fashion similar to a Coca-Cola factory.

Now, I am not one who strives to read deeply into the themes and symbols of a book, preferring simply to read for enjoyment – rather than search for motifs and symbols hidden in the pages. However, having said this, one thing that struck me whilst reading the novel is how Huxley has produced a perfect satire of the modern world. With the rise of Capitalism and mass production in the last century or so, it is quite easy to envisage our own world befalling the harsh reality which is portrayed in the novel.

I am weary not to give too much away in this article, as my main purpose in writing it is to try to persuade you to read the book, so please do go out there and read it!

If however, you are a man/woman of supreme taste and intellect (ie. you have read the book) and want to share your own thoughts and opinions with me, feel free to email me at:

I look forward to hearing from you all, happy reading!






Blown Away By Tribes!

TRIBES! I know what you’re thinking, a bunch of dudes with face paints and spears… But no, not these guys!


Tribes are one of the best British rock bands on the scene at the minute, and deservedly so. Everything about this band is awesome, their songs, their look, their attitude!

I stumbled across “We were Children” one day a few months ago and was hooked within the first few lines, leading me to discover other great singles “Sappho” and “Corner of an English Field” in the following days. Within a week I had downloaded the debut album “Baby”, and already I can’t wait for the follow-up “Wish To Scream”, set to be released later this month (20th May).

These guys really capture the essence of classic rock n’ roll, they just don’t give a s**t! Watch this video to see them play gigs in random people’s living rooms around England, absolutely frigging awesome!

It’s almost impossible to pick one single song that encompasses this band’s sound, so I really urge you to buy the album, or wait for the new one on the 20th! Seriously, you’ll find yourself playing it over and over, it’s all absolutely great.

I’m going to leave you with the latest single from their new album “Wish To Scream” called “Dancehall”. Hope you love it as much as I do!

Hunting For Indie


This is long long overdue guys, but please check out a blog called Hunting For Indie.

A similar blog to this, it regularly posts great new indie bands and artists and not once has the choice of music posted disagreed with my taste (It’s all great stuff!). I also have to commend the blog for how regularly it is updated, posting new music almost every day!


So, if you’ve got a minute to spare, visit the blog here and follow the blog if you have a WordPress account for your daily dose of indie music.

Peace out.

The Intermission Project – Stay

Aaah I just love this!

I love the setting, a sunny summer evening at The Wireless, the distant laughter and chatter in the background. I love the lyrics “I know love is strong, but so is belief”. And I love the rawness of it, one camera, one take.

Yes I know that the vocal harmonies in the are off in places, but I don’t care! If anything it adds to the whole unplugged and raw vibe that the song has.

I’ll leave this one to your own verdict, but whatever that may be you have to commend this young and unsigned band for their originality and realness.

Imagine Dragons Are A Must!


I was thinking about what band I should write about to keep any readers interested, as lately the posts on this blog have been few and far between, something I apologize for. But hey, this band are well worth the wait I can promise you.

Imagine Dragons are an indie quartet based in Las Vegas (how cool is that!). They have been around since 2008 and released 3 studio EPs before they landed a long awaited and much deserved record deal in 2011. Since signing this deal they have received more widespread acclaim, with the single ‘It’s Time’ holding the record for the longest run on the 2012 Alternative Top 10 Chart.

Front man Dan Reynolds performing live

Front man Dan Reynolds performing live

What really blew me away about this band was the sheer fact that all of their songs are ridiculously catchy! I would find myself walking around unaware of the fact that I had been humming one of their songs all day. So much so that I had to make a conscious effort to find a different song to make sure I didn’t completely ruin it for myself.

However, this band have an impressive amount of playability (is that even a word?), as I never get tired of listening to tracks like ‘Demons’, ‘Radioactive’, ‘It’s Time’ and ‘Fallen’ on my iPod time after time.

What puzzles me about the band is that they seem to have gained a considerable amount of fame recently, whilst still being relatively unknown to the majority of people. This is exemplified in a simple YouTube search for ‘Imagine Dragons’, which will bring up a mere 10 results. These videos however all have a huge amount of views, with ‘Radioactive’ and ‘It’s Time’ surpassing 15 million. Slightly strange, but what the hell…

Will we see Imagine Dragons break into mainstream charts in the future? Who knows. But it wouldn’t surprise me, as they have a sound that would appeal to almost anyone! If you haven’t heard this band and you’re thinking “Hmm I wonder if they’re as good as he’s making them out to be?” fear not, as I’ve included not one but two of their tracks at the end of this post for your own listening pleasure. Enjoy.

A Chat With Manchester’s BAUER


Manchester based Bauer were the latest band to do an interview for Alt Music Etc. The four piece band just got back from Berlin, and singer Greg Matthews was nice enough to answer a few questions about the band.

Firstly, If you haven’t heard any of the band’s material yet, I suggest you do so. Debut album ‘Sleeping Giant’ has been successful, and rightly so. I would recommend ‘Barrel One’ and ‘Starting Again’ for anyone looking to get a taste of the band.

So, firstly where did the name Bauer come from? Was it a mutual band decision or is there a story behind it?

It’s not a massively interesting story I’m afraid! We were originally called Barfly, but then wanted to change our name to avoid confusion with the chain of venues (and a lawsuit – eek).  We wanted something as snappy and that would look similar on the artwork – our manager suggested Bauer – we liked it – we chose it.  Oh and as you probably know it means something rude in German slang as well 😉

I understand the band are based in Manchester, Is this where you are all from? And how did you meet?

Two are from Manchester, two are from a town a few miles from Manchester.  So we’ve all grown up in and around the city.  How the band came together was an organic growth. I started a band a fair few years ago, and at various stages as the band was growing musically we needed different/better musicians to take the band forward. So through the music is how we all eventually met.  We’re obviously now more than just band mates – you go through a lot, you share great experiences, you become the best of friends.

I’m loving the album ‘Sleeping Giant’, and the stand out track for me is ‘Connected’, but is there any track on the album that you particularly enjoyed recording, or feel particularly proud of?

 That’s so difficult to answer!  For me my favourite track changes all the time, but I really do feel proud of the entire album.  At the moment I’d say my favourite is “Get it Right” (I must be in a dark mood!), but I’m pleased you like Connected – I wrote it in a San Francisco diner in under 15 minutes, showing how quickly some ideas can form.

Of course, the album features a cover of the 1984 single ‘(Feels like) Heaven’ from Fiction Factory. Is this a band you would take inspiration from? Or was it purely the song that was screaming “cover me!”?

 It was purely that song.  We’ve never really “done” covers as we’ve always had so many of our own creative ideas to get through.  But it’s a song we all like, it’s a standout 80’s track and we wanted to challenge ourselves to see if we could do it justice. I’d say we managed it!! 

Finally, you are currently gaining some publicity on Twitter (currently 36,000+ followers) and gigging in Manchester on the 11th of April, where can you see the band going in the next few years?

  It’s great to have so many followers and also so many who publicly volunteer their opinions on the music.  Social media a great platform for us to put our ideas out onto, and get some really useful feedback from our fans.  The next few years I think we’ll put out more music – we’ve already written 20+ contenders for the next record, and we’ll shortly be putting out a “back catalogue” of older tunes that didn’t make the cut on the first record – and we’ll keep gigging as we love that side of being in a band.  There’s a musical chemistry between us that’s quite rare, so when that happens you just want to keep playing together.

Bernhoft – C’mon Talk

Probably the best use of a loop pedal I have ever seen! This guy’s vocals are truly amazing.

The 36 year old hails from Norway (they’re bound to be proud of him) and has previously been a member of bands Explicit Lyrics and Span, who have both since separated. Since then Bernhoft has released four solo albums, with singles such as ‘C’mon Talk’ [featured] and ‘Streetlights’ receiving mainstream success in Norway and to a certain degree worldwide.

I was hooked by the use of vocal layering in this single and I suppose it was only a matter of time before I had to share it with you guys, as it deserves as much publicity as possible… I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!